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Quark Training

Quark Xpress Version 4 - 9

In House Quark Course

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The Quark Training course is designed for those who are Mac or Windows literate, but have never worked in QuarkXpress.

Quark Courses also tailored to beginners to advanced to fit the client's needs. An introductory through intermediate and advanced level. QuarkXPress is covered comprehensively.

Document set-up, Palettes and Tools

Tools palette, Content and Item tools, Saving documents, Adding and using guidelines, using snap to guides/baseline grid, Managing pages numbering, organizing & removing, Preferences document, tools and colour, Using the Measurements Palette for accuracy and calculations, Graphics shape, Line and Elliptical drawing tools.

Setting up a Quark template

Working with master pages, Document palette, Automatic page numbering via Master Pages, Introduction to Style Sheets, Creating and applying Styles Sheets, Importing Style Sheets from other Quark documents, Appending. Producing 2 or 4 page flyer, bifold and trifold documents, working with libraries.

Working with Text

Text Boxes, creating, editing and properties, Importing text from other applications, Editing text attributes size, font, style, alignment, leading and kerning, Typographical terms and references, Creating, editing and using, Style Sheets, Using linked text boxes, Spell checking, Using Find/Change utility to speed change repeated text elements, Placing text on a curved path.

Using Colour

Different colour models, Creating process colours, Pantone colours and CMYK colours, Colour for text, shapes and frames, Colour palette adding and editing colours, Adjusting image colours inside QuarkXpress.

Working with Images

Preparing images in Photoshop and other image editing applications, Picture boxes creating, editing and scaling, Resizing, Manipulating, Rotating, applying Styles, removing images, Borders, and frames styles, Object grouping, Duplicating, Spacing and alignment properties, Locking objects to prevent accidental movement, Outputting documents from QuarkXpress in PDF Format Importing and Exporting as a PDF file, installing the Acrobat Distiller PPD, Manually Generate a PostScript File Using a PostScript Printer Driver, Setting up Acrobat Distiller.

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