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In House Photoshop Course

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The Photoshop Training course is designed to cover basic Photoshop concepts, ways of acquiring images, overview of Photoshop tools, document options, background and foreground colours and how text works in Photoshop.

Tools & Layers

Brushes and brush types, How text works in Photoshop, The advantages of using layering, Transforming and distorting. Layer blending modes.

Selection & Masks

Essential keyboard image navigation, Moving and exporting a selection, Saving and reloading a selection, Transforming and editing, Use of layer masks in montage, Modifying masks, Rectangular and elliptical marquees, Using the lasso tool, How the magic wand works, Defining a feather edge, Subtracting and adding.

Image Preparation & Re-touching

Achieving subtlety when retouching, Removing unwanted detail, Correcting a damaged image, Layer masks adjustment layers, Advantages of adjustment layers, Colour correction techniques. Using levels. Levels explained, Colorizing greyscale images.

Combining Images

Creating montages, Saving feathered borders, The gradientient tool and selection, Working with multiple layers, Overlaying images, Ways of combining images, Creating layer masks.

Working with Paths

Creating and saving paths, Adding and deleting points, Converting selection to paths, Exporting paths to Quark.

Filters as Tools

Tips on using filters, Blurring and sharpening, Synthesising texture.

Exporting Files

Creating common file types, Setting transparency, Images for print ,Images for the web, Examination of file types, Advantages of various formats, Converting the image type.

Importing Files

Overview of scanner types, Scan-time resolutions, Output resolutions, Using scanner controls.

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